The Shape Shifter
Week one – Project
The Prompt
What does it mean to Shape Shift? By definition it means: to change shape or form into another. This is a four-part project, where each part our art will transform into something else...
We'll begin with creating and drawing a still life...
...and then we'll create an abstract drawing based on that still life drawing! (Seems like it could get pretty interesting, eh?)
Pablo Picasso, Still life with the caned chair, 1912
Pablo Picasso, Still life with the caned chair, 1912
Juan Gris, The Open Window, 1921
Juan Gris, The Open Window, 1921
Shinique Smith, Codex, 2019
Shinique Smith, Codex, 2019
Here are some examples!
Ready? Draw–WAIT! Hold on!
Let's quickly go over some tips.
1. This is only step one in the process of this project, I'd recommend you keep your still life up to 5 objects.
2. Your still life should have a variety of shapes and textures. (For example, your still life might consist of a geometric, organic, and asymmetrical object rather than three round objects varying in size.)
3. Feel free to use objects that have meaning to you, or not–but keep in mind to keep your chosen objects appropriate for sharing in class.
Holding your pencil / Using your pencil to find relations and determine sizes.
Supplies you'll need:
Still life objects, Mixed Media Drawing Pad, Pencils, Sharpener, and Erasers.
How to set up your paper:
If you're working with 18x24 paper, we'll be diving the one page into 4 sections. If you're working with anything smaller, you'll be using 4 separate sheets of paper.
1. Mark the center points on all sides of your paper. Along 24" side, you'll be making a pencil mark at 12". Along the 18" side, you'll be making a pencil mark at 9".
2. Using those marks as a center point, make two new pencil marks .5" on either side. Do this for each mark you made in step one.
3. Connect the dots to draw a line from the marks you made in step two, you should end up with two 1" margins running horizontally and vertically.
4. To make the margins on the outer edges of your paper, measure 1" from the edge of your paper on all sides.
5. Connect the dots to draw your lines to create the outer margins.
Your paper should look like this:
Assignments! (Due Thursday)

Shape Shifter Part 1 - Finish your still life drawing.
Shape Shifter Part 2 - Start and finish your abstract drawing based on your still life drawing.
Photograph and Upload - Shape Shifter Part 1 & 2, and a photo of your still life if you made your own.
Week 1 Readings - Read and post your responses on the forums in Gauchospace.