Current Event / Political Protest Poster
Week 5 – Project
Our Objective
Create a painting/poster that reflects on current events or a political issue that you are personally interested in. 

Important Considerations
Decide on a color scheme for your painting, thinking about how the scheme might set the mood/tone of the image. 
You may use paints (gauche, acrylic, oil, etc.), digital media, or print media.
Think about how you may want to ‘share’ the image via social media - is this something you want to use to connect with other people? 
Let's think
Grab something to write with:
1. Write down 5 things that you are obsessed with, something you love doing, that you think everyone should do/have/experience.
2. Write down 5 things that you get really heated about, grinds your gears

Lewis Suzuki, No More Hiroshimas: No More War


Frank Cieciorka, Untitled (poster version of 1965 woodcut "Hand")

Robert Wendell, Smoke Marijuana: Imported by B.A. Head and Co.


Jay Belloli, Amerika is Devouring Its Children

(Split Complementary)

Favianna Rodriguez

Royal Chicano Air Force, Solidarity Survival Fair: Benefit for Farmworkers Union

An Attack Against One is An Attack Against All, Distributed by the Robert Brown Elliott League ca. 1970

Herbert Siguenza, La Raza Silkscreen Center, The land is ours

Susan Shapiro, We celebrate women's struggles, We celebrate people's victories

Deborah Green, Women Invented Cheese

Lincoln Cushing, End Apartheid

Let's Think Part 2
(About Color!)



Split Complementary



(Due Thursday!)

Current Event / Political Poster Draft - Decide on what idea you want to work on for your poster, and consider your color choices to discuss on Thursday!

(Due Tuesday!)

Current Event / Political Poster - Finish and submit your project on Gauchospace and Google Drive. We will be critiquing on Tuesday!