The mineral-like structure and iridescence of the vinyl forms a chrysalis that distorts the wearer's image and creates a barrier of self-preservation. Set in a bleak and lonely landscape, you could imagine a terrible and harmful ritual taking place.

Beyond the Veil

Capturing the constriction phase of the cycle of isolation, which is characterized by feelings of numbness and absence of identity. The figure stands, the veil fluttering–wavering in the stillness of a decaying landscape.

Beaten and Forged

"Beaten and Forged" symbolizes the feelings of wanting to keep anyone and everyone away from your person and your heart and mind. The garment's base pattern was inspired by chest-plate armor and fencing helmets. The spikes were then attached to serve as a deterrent against interpersonal closeness.

After a traumatic experience, many people isolate themselves. In the months following sexual assault while in college, I descended into a different personality. Having been in a dorm alone away from all of my friends and family, I put up a barrier to keep those closest to me at arms length. I became increasingly introspective and isolated–questioning everything about my identity.
This series of garments and photos are visual representations of the cycle of self-isolation. Self-isolation is a cycle of three stages: hyperarousal, intrusion and constriction.
In the hyperarousal stage, individuals are very guarded and on high alert, and they may be likely to lash out with aggression.⁠ Having been hurt by someone you loved and knew closest, puts you on edge with everyone else you know. Betrayed and confused, your mind is on high alert for any signs that someone else might hurt you.⁠
During the intrusive stage, it’s common to relive traumatic events in conjunction with graphic nightmares.⁠ Reliving a traumatic experience disrupts your daily life, making you stop in your tracks and fight your way back to reality. This aspect of the cycle I actively suppressed and cut out everything in my life that would remind me of my ex-boyfriend. I threw away trinkets, clothing, pictures. I tore myself away from his attempts to contact me.⁠
The constriction phase results in numbness and an absence of self.⁠ The stage that I was most heavily affected by was a loss of self and a feeling of numbness. For someone who was always black and white, self-assured and stubborn—the constriction of myself and my actions made me feel like I was an imposter or that I was someone else living in my body.

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