Gather your Supplies

- Something to draw/write on
- Something to draw/write with
- Proper clothes to be outside (don't forget your mask)
Let's take a walk 

For the next 30 minutes, walk outside and observe what you see around you.

What visuals, textures, shapes, forms interest you?
Draw them or describe them with words.
(Have at least 1 drawing.)
Why did you draw those things? What about them appealed to you?
What did you notice once you took a closer look to draw them? 
Find a place where you can pause safely.
Close your eyes and listen.
Write or draw what you hear.
What's the loudest sound? What's the quietest?
What sound did you like the most? The least?
As you walk back home, shift your observation inward.
Describe how your body feels walking in the outside environment.
Are you affected by the outside environment emotionally, mentally? Write or draw those emotions.
When you come back into zoom, write a short description of the environment you experienced on your walking route. How can you tell us about what sort of place you live in? What impact does the world around you have on your life?
Document your work and send it to me! [dkwan(at)ucsb(dot)edu]

If you can't go outside due to illness, weather, unsafe conditions: find the largest window or door to look through. Please open up the window or door to observe the sounds and affects to your body.