Reflecting on my personal experiences with micro-aggressions regarding my hair: the negative reactions I received, were based on the belief that by cutting off my hair, I would lose my identity as a woman; That short hair would transform me into a masculine figure and would no longer be an object of desire or love.
After external protests (my (ex)boyfriend’s straight fragility) and internal worries (was my face too round to look good with short hair?)–I cut my hair, and I realized a few things:
- My head was SO much lighter (three and half feet of hair is heavy.)
- I used way less shampoo.
- My face was longer than I realized.
- Long hair was boring, (why did I hold on to it for nine years?)
- Short hair me felt like my true self.
A lot of people ask me if I’ll ever go back to long hair, or they straight up tell me to go back to my long-haired self, and I always say no. I think don’t think I ever will, short hair is too much fun for me to go back.
If anyone feels like it’s time to cut it, I have a great Pinterest board for you. 
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