Re-imagined book!
Week 7 – Project
What You'll need
A hardcover book that you can repurpose
Any media you want to use - collage materials (photographs, digital prints), paints or pencils, etc.​​​​​​​
The Requirements
You must alter/edit at least the covers and five (5) pages (leave them attached in the book).
Alter/edit means adding to and/or subtracting from your hardcover book.
Let the original book’s contents inform your editing choices.
Project Objectives
Exploring juxtaposition, narrative intent and styles, images + text.
You can draw, illustrate, paint on the pages.
Or you can do a combination with cutting and rearranging.
Really cut in to it...
What if you folded it?
Or how about creating a narrative sculpture?
(Due tuesday)​​​​​​​
Your books are due on Tuesday, Dec. 1 – be ready with photos to share in critique!