Art, Science, Technology
Week to Week

Week 9
(Writing Assignment - Due Thurs 3/4 Midnight)
Readings (Eco-Art)
(Project 1 - Due Sunday 3/7 Midnight)
(Alt Links)

Week 8
(Writing Assignment - Due Thurs 2/25 Midnight)
Readings (Intro to Art and Science)

Week 7
(Writing Assignment - Due Thurs 2/18 Midnight)
Readings (Games, Social Networks, AI, Data, Privacy)

Week 6
(Writing Assignment - Due Date Extended)
Readings (Games, Social Networks, AI, Data, Privacy)
(Project 1 - Due Sunday 2/7 Midnight)

Week 5?!
(Writing Assignment - Due Thurs 2/4 Midnight)
Readings (Software)
The Rapid Remix

Week 4
(Writing Assignment - Due Thurs 1/28 Midnight)
Readings (Hardware)

Week 3
(Writing Assignment - Due Thurs 1/21 Midnight)
Readings (Network)

Week 2
(Writing Assignment - Due Thurs 1/14 Midnight)
Readings (History of Art, Science, Technology)

(Alt Resource Links)
Reference Links

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