Class Policies
Online-Class Etiquette
Please respect everyone's time by making sure you show up on time and are actively listening and engaged.
Please remain on 'mute' if not speaking.
Keep your camera on if you are able. 
It helps to find a quiet place where you won't be distracted by others you may be living with.
I understand that our class meets around lunch time, so eat–if you're hungry.
Clothing is NOT optional. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for class.
Absolutely no sharing of sexually explicit materials through screen sharing or via your webcam. You will be reported to the Title IX Office, Campus Police, and the Chair of your department for Sexual Harassment.
Privacy & Consent
Absolutely no recording or screen-captures of students, TAs, or instructors without their explicit consent. It is illegal to record someone without their knowledge within a private setting. You will be reported to IT, Security Operations Center, HR, and the Chair of your department.
Do not share other's class-related artwork or discussion responses outside of the class without the person's explicit consent.

Submit your agreement below acknowledging that you have read and fully understand the aforementioned polices.
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